About Us

Here at Smox we are about helping you discretely and efficiently fit smoking into your lifestyle. Whether you are a daily smoker or the occasional once in a blue moon smoker, our products are tailored to provide you with the essentials. At Smox we know that all kinds of people smoke. Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Servers, Dockworkers, Lawyers, Retail Associates, and Business Men and Women. There's no exceptions, all kinds of people do it. And because of that, we had to put out an essential product that fits everyone's needs. Our Smox Pack provides you with the tools necessary to keep your experience quick and smooth while eliminating any doubts in process of preperation.

The moment you pull out your Smox Pack the vibe has begun and you've got everything you need to get the ball rolling. We are the first step and last step of the smoking experience and a must have for anyone who smokes! Over time your bag will evolve to better suit your own personal needs and will prove its worth every time!